Leadership FAQ’S

How many leadership teams does the BSM have?
We have one. The team is called an IMPACT Team.  It is a team composed of communities that each have two representatives.

What is your take on leadership?

Leadership is a lifestyle. It is your response to needs and your attitude in situations. It is being able to put the needs of the whole before that of your own. Many students are leaders at the BSM because of their attitudes and actions when they are at BSM sponsored events and activities. Likewise, we are called to be ministers as we go through the everyday events of our lives. You are not a college student who happens to be a Christian, you are a Christian who happens to be a college student and thus, as you go about being a college student, you minister through the overflow of your life. Being a part of the ministry team helps you learn how to be a Christian leader in your everyday life. It is making a commitment to be discipled and to grow as a Christian. It is also making a commitment to serve in one or two specific areas of ministry within the BSM.

What is special about this group?

As leaders, each student must be aware that everything he or she does reflects the ministry of the BSM. If people see you doing something you shouldn’t (the Holy Spirit and Scripture will tell you what those things are), then it confuses the gospel message we are here to proclaim. Eph. 5:3 teaches us that, “You are God’s people, so don’t let it be said that any of you are immoral or indecent or greedy…” The list in this passage and others is long about things we should and should not do.

What is expected of leaders?

  • Serve on BSM leadership team for 2 consecutive semesters.
  • Give a ministry of your presence and participation at weekly programmed BSM events (free lunch, fellowships, Bible study, prayer group, Choice worship service).
  • Consistently be present and contribute at Leadership Team Meetings.
  • Attend leadership training sessions as indicated by BSM staff.
  • Participate in the ABIDE conference in the spring semester and other BSM retreats as am able.
  • Posses a lifestyle that gives no room for argument against Christianity.
  • Be I ntentional, M issional,  P  rayerful,  A  ctive,  C  omitted, T  raining- yourself and others