Leadership Team

BSM Leadership Team 15-16

This team is for students who are committed to making a difference in their campus and around the world.

How To Apply:

  1. Online Application
  2. Complete Spiritual Growth Plan
  3. Have a one on one with BSM staff to go over your spiritual growth plan.

Here is more information about being a BSM leader:

Who is a BSM leader?

A student who wants to grow in his/her faith by following the BSM strategy: BE Studying God’s Word; DO Getting involved in outreach and service; GO Be willing to be mobilized by God for global impact.

What does a BSM leader do?

– Bible Study – Outreach – Discipleship – Service How do I become a leader? a. Make a plan for Spiritual Growth (BE, DO, GO). b. Have a one on one meeting with BSM staff to go over your plan. c. Become an active member of the BSM organization.

What are the requirements?

A desire and commitment to grow in your walk with Christ. A desire to show others on your campus that you are a follower of Christ. Commitment to have an influence on your campus and show it. Attend BSM Leader Meetings.

Why be a BSM leader?

I don’t need a title to serve. Because being a leader helps you be accountable, BSM leaders are not title holders, they are committed students to be the presence of Christ on campus.

Can I be part of the BSM without being a leader?

Sure. We are glad to welcome any student who wants to grow in their faith! We do believe however, that once you study God’s word, the natural outcome will be a desire to serve.
We accept applications for leadership year round. So, what are you waiting for? Join the team.

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